Our Partners

 Helen I. Thomas, President

  • Winner of Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) “Gold Award” in the Research Category, 2005
  • Conducted thousands of focus groups, IDI’s, and in-home and shopper immersions
  • Best known for her warm, friendly approach, and ability to quickly put respondents at ease.  One, long-time client said,

                                             “Helen, you missed your calling in life.  You should have been a bartender.”

  • Carefully listening to and observing conscious and unconscious motivations and behaviors is her hallmark
  • Helen took “in context” to an extreme while conducting employee focus groups with “roughnecks” inside the Arctic Circle

John E. Thomas, Managing Partner

  • Marketing strategist who understands how to use insights to improve products, services, branding, communications, and retail shopping / selling environments
  • 25+ years experience as a marketer and insights leader, including leadership roles with two Fortune 500 companies, and three major branding agencies
  • Conducted thousands of in-depth interviews, in-home and shopper “immersions”
  • Skilled at linking qualitative findings to quantitative next steps
  • John loves gathering insights across a variety of product and service categories.  His favorite quote about the benefit of these varied experiences is from Thomas Kuhn, author of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions:

                            “What a man sees depends both upon what he looks at and also upon what his previous visual-conceptual experience has taught him to see.”

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