• Laddering
  • Laddering


  • In 2005, our use of the Laddering Technique enabled us to win the prestigious IDEA Gold Award (International Design Excellence Award) in the Research Category for work leading to the development of Moen’s Revolution™ showerhead. This study was a highly innovative and well-published examination of consumer showering habits.
  • The goal was to identify attributes, benefits, and values associated with the “types” of showers people typically take.
  • We interviewed people before they showered; then allowed them to take an actual shower, during which time we captured water temperature, pressure, duration, etc.; and then interviewed them again immediately following their shower.
  • Results revealed amazing insight into the emotional and practical benefits of an activity most take for granted.
  • Client design teams used these results to create a showerhead that delivered on the showering experiences users most desired. To this day, the Revolution™ showerhead remains one of Moen’s best sellers.