• Package Communication Assessment

Package Communication Assessment

  • In 2009, in-home observations were conducted to understand unmet needs with regard to vacuum cleaners. Consumers voiced the desire for more lightweight, powerful vacuums.
  • Prototype products and packaging were designed by the client, and then embedded in two retail configurations (Target and Wal-Mart) to assess communications strength and  purchase intent vs. existing products.  We observed shoppers as they navigated the choices, made purchase decisions, and then followed up with an in-depth interview.
  • Initially the prototypes did not fare well because, ultimately, consumers were unwilling to achieve lightweight at the cost of strong suction.
  • Based on these findings, we presented three alternative product positionings, plus communications and packaging changes, all of which were embraced and implemented.  This new product line is now one of the best-selling introductions ever launched by this 100+ year old iconic brand.

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