• New Product Development

New Product Development

  • A global personal care products company sought our help in 2005 to conduct a multi-city, multi-phase ethnography project across the U.S. with new moms and their newborns. The objective was to observe behavior and provide insights to feed their new product development funnel for the next 10 years.
  • Our teams, including a professional videographer, observed moms and their babies in three situations:¬†At home, out and about (in parks, zoos, cafes, etc.), and in stores as they shopped for baby supplies.
  • In each scenario we observed frustrations, delights, and opportunities related to potential new baby care products, and generated recommendations for improvements to packaging and merchandising that would help alleviate confusion. These insights were shared with engineers, designers, and product managers and are, to this day, being used to inspire new products, and new methods of merchandising.